Solapur City

Solapur district was ruled by dynasties like Andhabhrishta, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Yadava and Bahmani. Research shows that the name Solapur is called 'Sonalage' from an inscription of Shivaji Sri Siddheshwar of Kalchurishya period of Kalyani which was pronounced as 'Sonalagi'. This village was also known as 'Sonallaji' during the time of Yadavs. A Sanskrit inscription dated Saka 1238 after the fall of the Yadavas found at Kamat-Mohol shows that the city was called Sonalipur. One of the inscriptions found in the Solapur fort indicates that the village was called Sonalpur while another inscription in the fort basin indicates that it was known as Sandalpur. During the Muslim period, the city was named Sandalpur. That is why the name 'Sonalpur' has no 'Na' left in the name 'Sonalpur'. The British rulers then declared Solapur as Sholapur and hence the name of the district. The present Solapur district was a part of Ahmednagar, Pune and Satara districts. After the reorganization of the state in 1956, Solapur was included in the state of Mumbai and in 1960 it became an entire district of the state of Maharashtra.

Location and Geographic Area:
Geographically Solapur lies between 17.10 to 18.32 degree longitude and 74.42 to 76.15 degree east longitude.

Festivals and Culture in Solapur City:
** Gadda Yatra:
The annual Gadda Yatra in Solapur, Maharashtra has been celebrated for the past 900 years. Honouring a spiritual leader, the festival of Siddheshwar attracts lakhs of devotees from Andhra Pradesh and the surrounding areas of Karnataka. A perfect symbol of communal harmony and social equity.

** Solapuri Bed sheet:
Solapuri Chadar ("Solapuri bed sheet") is a textile bed sheet made in the city of Solapur in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This Chadar is popular in India. Solapuri chadar was the first product of Maharashtra. Solapur is famous for its textile industry. It was once the largest spinning mill in Asia. Apart from Maharashtra, Solapur Chadris are in demand in other states as well as abroad.