Solapur City Facts

Solapur is Southern Maharashtra's one of the major city and Solapur District's administrative headquarter. The city is famous for textile manufacturing. In Bidi manufacturing the city is in among top spot.The city is also famous for Solapur Chadars. 68 Shivlinga and Ashtavinayaks founded by Shri Siddharameshwar an ancient inhabitant of Solapur city. They built the Solapur lake in Solapur city and it resulted in resolved the water problem. The city is established on the north-south railway root and the root is most important root in India. In British rules during the period 1911 to 1930 the city got 3 days freedom and due to this incident on 12th January 1931 the Britishers hanged 3 freedom fighters in Solapur named Mallappa Dhanshetty, Jaggannath Shinde and Kurban Husain and then afterwords the city got fame the city of heroes and martyrs. Pandharpur (Maharashtra's tutelary) is near to Solapur city and Akkalkot's famous Swami Samarth temple is in Solapur District. Shivganga Devi's temple is having its dome made up of 100 tola gold and door is made up using 80 kg silver.